About Us

MYWORLD REWARDS (M) SDN BHD is the leading privilege discount brands with 20 years of track record in launching over millions of memberships for government sectors, MNCs and SMEs in Asia.

With our strong partnership with over 600 corporate clients worldwide, more than 10.3 million members have benefited from 25,000 merchants across the globe from beauty, healthy, fine dining, entertainment, travel , shopping, sports and many other lifestyle categories.

Prepaid Card

Payment Card

Securely within minutes, funds can be transferred to any MyWorld cards anywhere. This end-to-end procedure is cost effective & smooth compared to typical bank processes, assist in diminishing operating costs

Corporate Card

Restrict over-expenditure: a MyWorld card will ensure that the cardholder’s expenses will not be more than the funds allocated into the debit card, business can take charge of their costs. The reporting is effortless, fast & in real-time

Incentive Card

The perfect payment agency for incentives & promotions –MyWorld. An individual can effortlessly take control of the amount & the incentive nature. Multiuse – it can be employed as a gift card, travel voucher, or even associate with an affiliate program.

iPay Smart Android P.O.S Terminal

All In One Intelligent Wireless Terminal

MyWorld iPay is a latest WPOS (Wireless Point-of-Sales) device that helps you manage your day-to-day sales as well as accept various forms of payment at anytime and anywhere using the easy-to-use WPOS reader.


Lower MDR Provide merchant discount rate from as low as 0.5%*
Advertising & Promotion Increase the exposure rate of businesses and improve advertising efficiency within the lowest cost.
Outsourcing Marketing MyWorld assist business in developing strategies with members recruited by themselves consume in their own stores, and discounts given by the merchants with WOWPoints, which can be used to offset the cash in the next purchase, saving purchase costs.


Sales increase by 5x Increased foot traffic MyWorld create opportunities for potential customers to enter merchants’ stores, e.g. MyWorld cards can only be redeemed at merchants’ shop. Brand exposure MyWorld will help with merchant brand exposure thru printing & social media.


Passive income Acquire 6% rewards when card holders spends at merchants’ shop. Active income When MyWorld brings more customers to WOWMerchants. Exponential income If merchants become WOWPartners, they are offered RM 5,400 worth of Pre-IPO Ordinary shares. (planned IPO 2025)

iPay Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway-01

We provide an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes
credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar


Mobile Virtual Terminal (MVT)


An internet version of credit card terminal that allows merchant to accept payments anytime, anywhere via their smartphone Allows merchant to accept credit card, QR payments or to send secured payment link to customers Merchant portal to retrieve transaction history A secured transaction as customers authenticate the transaction by entering the OTP sent by the issuing bank

Why MyWorldRewards

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Currency Exchange

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Lending Payout

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Loyalty Program

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Referral Program

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Redemption Program

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Membership Program